Apr 20, 2020

shell - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange For more complex file modifications, you can call sudo sed, sudo ed, sudo perl, … Alternatively, use a decent editor and make it call sudo. In Emacs, open /sudo:/etc/conf.d/hwclock. In Vim, call :w !sudo tee % to write to the opened file as root, or use the sudo.vim plugin. Or go from the sudo end and call sudoedit /etc/conf.d/hwclock. 4.2. The sudo Command Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 | Red Hat The sudo command allows for a high degree of flexibility. For instance, only users listed in the /etc/sudoers configuration file are allowed to use the sudo command and the command is executed in the user's shell, not a root shell. This means the root shell can be completely disabled as shown in the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Security Guide. Linux sudo command tips - Burleson Oracle Consulting sudo is configured through the file /etc/sudoers. Like with most Linux configuration files, any text following a pound sign in the sudoers file is a comment. Within the sudoers file, sets of commands, groups of users, and associate users or groups with command sets can be configured. Sudo Command in Linux - Learn Cybers

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