After the bridge Wifi to Ethernet in Windows 10, you don’t need to worry about IP address range. Because both will share the same IP address range. This all process will turn your Windows a kind of middle man through which our ethernet devices use the internet connection.

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Flip to the Sharing tab and configure the Internet Connection Sharing as follows: 1. Check the box “Allow other network user to connect through this computer’s Internet connection”. Once you select this option, you will get a message like this: Simply click OK. 2. Select the network connection type from the drop-down box.

It has become more common for houses built in the last decade or so to provide Ethernet wiring for phone jacks. Cat 5e Ethernet cable can easily carry telephone signals, so any Ethernet jack can be used for either telephone or Ethernet. It’s easy Cable Difference: Straight Through vs Crossover Cable Dec 21, 2016 Connecting Smart TV to internet through cable box? | Tom's Dec 25, 2018