The issue I am having, that on my laptop (Lenovo G50-70), the WiFi keeps dropping several times a day, stating 'Connected (No internet, secured)' It is not the router, as resetting+reconfiguring does not resolve the problem and other devices do not have the same issue when connected to the same network.

Apr 22, 2017 · Connected to the internet but no internet access? I'm able to connect on my android phone via WiFi but my boyfriend can no longer get internet service on his laptop. Questions i learned from somewhere that my lumia 520 does not detect ad-hoc wifi connection from a personal i downloaded a much talked mhotspot software from the web to create a virtual router.So when i created a wifi network through my laptop using this software my lumia 520 detected the wifi connection as well as successfully connected to it but when i tried to access internet by opening Nov 05, 2017 · megone90, Apr 27, 2017: I open this thread because I found no solution in any other. From my OnePlus 3T (Oxygen 4.1.3 - Android 7.1.1) I connect to mobile network (4G), create my wifi hotspot with name and password, then I connect my laptop (with Windows 7 Enterprise sp1), it connects to wifi network but with the yellow "warning" triangle saying "No internet access" and I can't understand why! Let's try to understand the problem first. You are getting message of Limited Access when you are connected to your wi-fi. It means you are connected to your Router but there is no internet or there is internet but your computer isn't able to reci

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2013-6-16 · I connected to our network and it says that the signal strength is "excellent". Other devices can use the Internet here. The problem is that my laptop shows all of the green bars but there is a little yellow exclamation mark next to them and it says "No Internet Access". This is Windows 7 by the way.

2014-4-22 · In the right column underneath 'Access type: Internet', the hyperlink next to 'Connections:' should be 'Local Area Connection* 4'. If it says 'Ethernet', then you will need to change it. Click on the 'Ethernet' hyperlink. Then click on properties, and access the sharing tab. Look for the 'Home networking connection:' box, and see if it says 'Wi

Mobile Hotspot connected but no internet Access on … 2019-12-29 · The general problem which we are talking about here is that your device is connected to internet data and it’s working. But when you share as the Hotspot, the WiFi connected device alerts as No Internet Access and also displays an exclamatory. This problem may occur to variety and range of devices like Samsung, Motorola, OnePlus, Pixel Phones [Solved] connected to wifi but no internet access on HP 2015-5-27 Wi-Fi says connected but no internet - Yes Crowd - 567807